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That is right my website is officially up and I am so excited about it. It will house my Blog, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Store, Downloads, and Information about the Tabletop RPG One Shot group.

Already have 2 Blog Posts up there. Also have my 1st shirt as well. The best thing that I put up though has to be the Drinking Rules for RPGs. I think a lot of people will get a kick out of those. There are also some pre gens I made for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition for download. One is my character from Matt Clicks (afistfulofdice) Provokers Campaign that can be watched on YouTube.

The Podcast hasn’t been started yet but that is hopefully going to be a big part of the website in the future. I am really looking forward to doing some things with that. There is a plan to discuss my thoughts of any RPG products I pick up. Bring guests on to talk about rules, tips, products, and more exciting stuff.

My YouTube channel is still going strong and I really enjoy doing that. My D&D Basics series has had a couple weeks without anything new. We had BrigadeCon last weekend and then I spent all week working on getting this website up. Also been working on other things but I promise this week of Thanksgiving I will have my new D&D Basics video up about Spells in D&D. Also check out my channel for another potential surprise this week.


Girls and Video Games/Tabletop Games Like D&D

In this video about Video Games and Tabletop Games like D&D I ask the question why if women enjoy these hobbies do we not see more of them displaying it in public? I have seen numbers that state 47% of Video Game Players are women. Also from my experiences women really enjoy Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and many other great games.

Why don’t we see more women participating at in store events and buying these things in the stores? Do they just order their things online and then participate with only close friends?

I want to encourage everyone to invite people to your games regardless of gender. You never know who might enjoy some of your games that you enjoy. It is my passion to help grow this great hobby and I hope you will join me in attempting to grow it.

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Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

The Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons has been out for a couple of months now and I have had the chance to play it quite a few times now both as a Player and a Dungeon Master. In the coming weeks and months I will be doing a Dungeons and Dragons Basics series where I will be teaching my viewers how to play D&D5e. Hope you will come along for the ride and hopefully take something from this series. This first video is about the very core basics of the system.

The first video in our series D&D5e Basics is all about the foundation of D&D5e. I talk about the d20 mechanics with advantage and disadvantage. I also discuss Inspiration. In future videos we will continue to build upon previous ones.

Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition is the worlds most popular tabletop role-playing game and this version of it has really taken off with fans. Fifth edition and united many fans from previous editions under one solid rpg.

This series will teach D&D newbs how to play from the beginning. If you are a beginner to tabletop rpgs this series is perfect for you.

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Call Out To Gamers!

Some of you may know but I belong to the YouTube RPG Brigade. It is a community for tabletop RPG discussion. There are all sorts of people in the community who play all sorts of games. It is wonderfully diverse. Below is the post that inspired this blog post. This post was posted in the Facebook group YouTube RPG Brigade and I commented there but will explain here.


Alright everyone. Time to try something out…

In the comments section below, you are allowed to post one thing you believe and hold true in the world and mechanics of tabletop RPG gaming. Whether it be a house rule, player philosophy, or opinion about the RPG community as a whole, it’s your call. But you can only post ONE thing.

Thing is, you can’t reply to anyone else’s posts (“Likes” are permitted, of course). You may post your own belief, but that’s it.

So let us begin! Have at!


For me the one thing that I live by with all things I am interested in is that I will always try to bring people to the hobby and not further away. This is exactly what I said on the Facebook post “Do whatever you can to be an ambassador to tabletop rpgs. Bring people to the hobby and don’t drive anybody away from the hobby. Bite the bullet sometimes for the greater good of the hobby/industry.”

As a fan of tabletop role-playing games I want to see the industry thrive and be great! I want nothing more than all companies that produce role-playing games to do well so they can possibly draw more people to this great hobby. The more people that love this hobby the more products, systems, and players we will have. This means more opportunities to do what we love.

Who doesn’t want more opportunities to do the things they love? We should spend our time promoting the hobby and that is the one thing I want to say. This is a call out to all of you to go out and do something to promote the hobby. Get out and invite new people to game with you and your groups.


Game Master Binders (Dungeon Master)

One of the things I have found has helped me with my prep time is my Game Master Binders. I have a few now and when people have seen them they have liked them. I use tables from various sources like the Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide, Sly Flourish’s books/blog, John Fourrs Tips, and anywhere else I can find something useful. I used to spend about an hour of prep time for every 3 hours of game time. Now I can prep a full session in about 15 minutes. The inspiration it gives me is amazing!

I have managed to come up with a lot of great ideas for campaigns too with some of these tables. Even though I have found something that works well for me though I am always open to suggestions on ways to improve or add to my binder. So please watch my video and if there is anything you would add or change anything please let me know.



Building Up To Boss Battles

Struggling to sleep tonight so decided I would share a good tip for tabletop role playing games. If you are running a game you want to make sure you have a good build up to your big boss battles. This article will give you a couple good ways to set it up. There are three main parts in setting up the boss battle. First is the initial contact which can be a face to face or an off screen contact. Then there is the set up for the main battle and the reason the players dislike your baddie. Then is the encounter between them. These three things can unfold in many ways.

Initial Contact

The initial contact can be face to face like the players come across them in a battle where the bad guy leaves after dominating. Maybe the bad guy sends minions at the players and then flees. He could talk to the players but nothing prompts a fight yet.

The initial contact could also come in the form of off screen too. This could be handled with a bounty note, or word of mouth from an npc for example.

Both ways can be done well and either way introducing the bad guy in advance is always the way to go. You can build up to the initial contact with clues as well.

Set Up

The set up is the reason for hating the bad guy. Maybe he has been taking people hostage, or he personally stole something from the players, maybe he hurt a friend of the players before. There are many possibilities here. Setting up the fight with some fuel for the fire is a great way to get your players invested in the future encounter.

Final Encounter

The final encounter can be very big or small but if you have built up to the moment it will have a nice payoff. Players who have a reason to dislike the baddies will get much more enjoyment from defeating the bad guy once and for all. If you really want to mess with the players though don’t make it an actual final encounter. Let them get their satisfaction but later reintroduce the same bad guy whether it is by way of escaping from being prisoner, or some other way. This time though let the bad guy learn from his previous mistakes and make him tougher and smarter.

These are my tips for the night. Hope you enjoyed them.



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April 10th Random RPG Post

I want to write a blog post right now since I have some time. Not sure what so this may become more of a free hand type of thing where I just go on about what is on the top of my head.

Joined a new forum recently that is mainly about Palladium Books but it also has a whole slew of other games with their own sections. D&D, D20, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, and some other games. Here is the link in case you want to check it out. Worlds of Palladium. The reason I like the forums is you are free to express your opinions about any topic and it is very receptive. Nobody has been rude and everyone seems to get along. A good group of guys over there.

Watched the Know Direction Podcast guys on YouTube live the other night where they interviewed a Paizo guy about the new Inner Sea Gods book coming out in a few weeks. It sounds like the book will have some good stuff in it for Pathfinder fans. I’ve become a Pathfinder fan over the last year so I am really excited for this book but I still have to pick up the Bestiary 4 book. In the midst of a career change so I don’t have much of a disposable income right now. Hopefully that will change soon though. When it does these two books are the first ones on my list.

My wife and I are planning on attending Pathfinder Society at Big Kidz Games here in Grand Rapids on Saturday. We have been wanting to play and run Pathfinder with our current group but so far they just want to stick with D&D2e. I am sure if we have a lot of fun we may meet some people who will want to play a weekly or bi-weekly Pathfinder game. That would be ideal! [Fingers crossed]

Dungeons and Dragons Next is supposed to come out soon and I would like to get these books when they come out. In the playtest Next appeared to be a game I would enjoy playing. I played Encounters for a bit trying out Next and had a lot of fun. I have really high hopes for the game. If it can bring more mainstream attention to tabletop role playing games I will be so happy. This industry is supposedly stronger than ever but I see so many book stores going out of business and most places don’t even carry rpg books anymore.

I have a dream that someday I will walk into a Meijer, Target, or Toys R Us and see tabletop role playing games on the shelves. This hobby should be popular enough that most bigger retailers should carry it. Not sure if I will ever see the industry blow up like this but that is a dream of mine and I want to be young enough to enjoy it.

That is about all for now. Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts on role playing games in this blog post. Be sure to check out my other forms of social media and tell your friends to check me out too.



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